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Divide and Conquer

I could not but notice the mess last years election was. Not just in the physical world and that was bad but in the spiritual one as well.  I had to wrestle to write this. It is something that is a cancer on the body and I had to get it off my chest. I am not endorsing either party. I am endorsing a Christian and Patriotic view for the state of the Union.

I am going to list a few things that I noticed, and what can be done to defeat this attack of the enemy.

1. Divide and conquer. – Satan convinced both the christians and non christians alike that anyone that is not liking the same candidate as you is evil and must be destroyed.  If the candidate is not what I think they should be it will be better just not to vote. There is only back or white, no gray! When I grew up we had really four parties, we had the Liberal Democrats, the Moderate Democrats or Blue Dogs. Then there was Liberal Republicans and Conservative Republican. And it worked, there was compromise in the congress. Both parties wanted to do the will of the people just had a different philosophy on how to do it.

Now There are three, Progressive über left liberal Democrats, so extreme in believes that John Kennedy and FDR would not have been welcome. And two Republicans, one is the left-wing so-called establishment Republicans and the Tea Party ultra conservatives who are so extreme that even their hero Ronald Reagan would not feel welcome. And thus the problem, The left is unified and no room for discussion or compromise and the right is divided and can’t seem to unify. This brings chaos, the enemy loves chaos! Something is very wrong when the biggest item in the plank of todays Democrat party is abortion! The systematic killing of the unborn that was made legal in 1974. Originally they said it was to be not after 1st trimester, safe, and RARE. Now they argue to allow it up to and after birth! This causes division and needs to stop.

2. Scorched Earth policy. – I am referring to the pattern of attack, attack against EVERYONE who might disagree with you! I was called every name under the SON just because I did not share other people’s views. Full disclosure, I am guilty of it also. I allowed myself to get caught up in the heat and wrote things I should not have and I truly apologize to whoever I might have offended.

3. Take no prisoners -Well the election happened and the opposition will not accept the outcome. This is the main tactic the enemy used. He has caused people to doubt the fairness of the system. The election system that has been called the best in the world for almost 250 years. If the opposition does not stop the sedition and learn to work with the duly certified and elected President then we will have anarchy and eventually a CIVAL WAR!  The insurmountable force meets the immovable object and nothing will happen. The call of Not my President and resist is in the air.

Now lets look at it from a Christ perspective:

1. Unite – Christ called us to unite and encourage. We are to heal the broken-hearted, encourage the afflicted and share Jesus love. Instead of fighting and hating each other we should be loving and showing Jesus to EVERYONE.

2. Jesus said the way we tell his children is the LOVE we show. Calling other brothers names, questioning their salvation and cursing them out is NOT what Jesus said to do. I apologized and I encourage everyone who did this also to repent and apologize to those you might have offended.

3. Free the prisoners -Take a look outside, if it is daytime is the sky bright and did the sun rise? Then all the fear and hate was nothing but lies by the Devil to scare and divide. As far as the candidates being or not being Christian, we live in a Constitutional Republic. A candidate’s religion has NO bearing on them being a good President. He or She is President of ALL the people not just the majority or minority. We either believe in the constitution or we don’t. Now for the Christians who feel no one is perfect enough for them. Either not Christlike enough or not conservative or liberal enough, remember we are voting for the President of the US, NOT the Pastor of the US. We can’t hold the candidate to the same rules as we hold ministers since we are NOT a Theocracy. Now would I prefer a strong man or woman of faith…YES! But I am realistic, They come few and far between in politics. We as Christians are NOT to disrespect anyone in leadership. We can disagree even strongly but we must be respectful since all those in power are allowed there by God ordination and authority.

When we fight and curse and block people on social media, we show the enemy not Christ. Sit back and consider that for a moment. There was a lot of pain last year, and it is still going on. It is time to STOP the hate, embrace the love. Whether Republican or Democrat, Black or White. Its time to unite behind the President and the Congress so they can do the job we elected them to do. We must stop trying to destroy them! Just remember everything comes back around again.

What can we do? PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Pray for the President, for the VP, for the congress. Pray for the opposition as hard as it might be. I know this is a radical idea, but believe it or not it is commanded not suggested in the bible.

Till next time

Bishop Jackson Plant

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