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The Time is Here the Time is Now!


Tempest Fulgent is an interesting latin term which means time is fleeting. That is so true. I am hearing in the spirit that the time is now I know for me that means it is time to move from where I have been for the last 15 years on and off to a whole new move to Texas. When you have a call from God it is not immediate that you launch out. In the bible we see that Jesus tells his followers to sit tight and get ready for his Spirit then go. I look back on my life since 1998 and the changes and the growth that God has done in me. I had many laps around the desert but eventually even I learned and passed my training and first I found my wife! Then, back to Maryland again where he had to smooth a little more off the diamond and polish me little more. Now I know its time to go forth and launch out into the unknown. I am actually moving with no job, no prospects just a promise and knowing what God told me years ago and a calling. What will you do with your calling? Just remember no one ever said it was easy, but it is so worth it.

In Jesus

Bishop Jackson Plant

Plant Ministries

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